Women Don’t Negotiate Salary: Truth Or Myth? (WomensWeb)

Women Don’t Negotiate Salary: Truth Or Myth? (WomensWeb)

Satya Nadella recently stirred a hornet’s nest by suggesting women should not negotiate and ask for pay raises, preferring to wait for karma to reach out instead!

Women do negotiate for salary in some cases when it is clear that they will not be penalised for negotiating. Are we ready to close the gender gap on wages?

A recent study at the University of Chicago has clearly shown that women are now as willing and as pushy when it comes to negotiating for salary at the workplace as their male counterparts, which is another pointer to the narrowing gender gap.


The findings of the study, which were published in a paper titled, “Do Women Avoid Salary Negotiations?”, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, USA have again given rise to a debate on the topic since women have conventionally been seen to shy away from negotiating for better deals at the workplace.

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