War of words: Why Miss Tibet is being trolled by traditionalists (Scroll)

Ever since Tenzing Sangnyi was crowned the new Miss Tibet three weeks ago, the petite 21-year-old from Manali has had a rough ride. Instead of being elevated to a role model for Tibetan women, as she had hoped to be, she has been relentlessly trolled for not knowing the Tibetan language.

“How can someone without basic language capacity be allowed to represent the beauty of Tibetan women?” howled one online commentator. “It is just [a] big joke and completely wrong…”

The Miss Tibet pageant has always been dogged by controversy. This time, conservative Tibetans are criticising the beauty queen for not knowing their language.

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Tibetan nomads forcibly ‘resettled’ by China struggle with loss of an over 8,000-year-old heritage (Firstpost)

For more than 8,000 years, Tibetan nomads have lived in perfect harmony with their surroundings. They have been the virtual custodians of the vast grasslands of Central Tibet, Amdo (northeast) and Kham (southeast) because they know their survival depends upon this land.

They are pastoral nomads, constantly moving from one place to another to find the best grazing grounds for their herds of yaks, sheep, goats and horses.

“First they pushed the nomads out of their homelands saying they have a backward lifestyle. Fine…what did they do to these nomads after relocating them?”

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